Wednesday, 16 February 2011


Rather than wait until we have every single bit of footage we decide it would be more efficient to begin making the final peice with what we already had. Afer 3 hours of converting over 70 peices of existing footage we began editing. We've also decided it is much more beneficial to edit in pairs, today me and jennie were editing, tomorrow it will be sasha and jennie. Currently, we are 43 seconds into the song, however as much of the lesson today was spent finishing converting and arranging files, we're hoping to be closer to 2 minutes into the song by the end of tomorrow.

HI, yeah when Ashlie left I edited more of the video, I finished off most of the verse and started doing the chorus, but we are missing a lot of film.

Filming left to do

We were looking through all of our shots that we filmed, and noticed that we are missing some footage that we still need to do.

We will shoot these scenes on wednesday the 9th of march

  • Shot of couple at table in cafe
  • Point of view shot of couple 
  • guitar shot
  • artist looking disgruntled

Thursday, 3 February 2011

19th February

The shots we done were successful and will look really good once we have edited it all together, especially the point of view shots of us spinning
. Also the shots at Tobys house will be good as we filmed us on Facebook Chat and point of view shots looking at the phone. T
he video is going to be good, but we still have a lot to do, but it wont take too long. 

26th January & 3rd February - Cafe Shoot

Here Me, Toby and Sasha filmed the cafe shoot where Ellie is really upset because of the breakup with her relationship. We filmed this without the tripod as it was broke, once we played this back, we saw that the footage was really shaky and that we needed to reshoot this scene. 
On the 3rd Feb we re-filmed this scene and filmed a new part with a tracking shot using the car with Sasha holding the camera on the tripod, filming me running down the street which looks really good and effective. 
We only have a small section to do and then we are done!!