Wednesday, 6 April 2011


Today while toby and jennie and sasha filmed the last few peices i started to sift through the footage from the forest in search of pieces we could use to fill in instrumental gaps. Whilst doing so i came accross footage that hadn't been fully converted and once it had been i found the perfect shot that we'd been missing. I plan to bring attention to the shot in the evaluation, it combines mise-en-scene with the perfect setting to bring attention to the obvious initial message in the song.


Just to let you all know I stayed after school today to edit the footage. Jennie stayed with me but had to go home after a while. We have only got a few gaps to fill in the video and then add some transitions and effects. I thought that if we do this first thing tomorrow, we can then do our evaluation ?

Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Group Discussion (To do list)

After editing the majority of our music video, we have had a discussion about the shots we are missing and we have decided that we need to film the following shots again.

  • In pub
  • Ice cream in face-"what we have we share" aged film grain
  • "Caller ID"- shot of phone
  • Facebook chat/text - "i've gotta tell you something"
  • "dont forget your home" alternative 
  • another "knowing you are close"
  • alternative choruses

Tuesday, 29 March 2011


After showing our video in a showcase to our whole class, we asked our audience to fill in feedback forms.  Here our some of the responses:

After looking at our feedback the consensus was that we need to shoot some more footage to fill the gaps and to make sure that we don't use footage more than once. We also decided that we need to use more of the old style film as people really liked the quaint style and the home made aesthetic. 


Today I stayed after school to do some editing of our footage. I worked on getting the shots at the right time for the ending and I edited all of the footage to create the old film grain effect where needed. I'm going to upload the specific footage to youtube so that my group can look at it and see what it looks like.

Wednesday, 16 March 2011


Today whilst editing i realised that not only are we still missing some shots still but there are certain pieces we need to re-film such as;

  • Facebook chat shot
  • Caller ID shot
And there is some discussion as to whether we should re-film certain scenes that don't quite match up to our expectations. Luckily none of these shots involve returning to the cafe, i don't think we can quite face returning there a fourth time. 

Group Meeting

This is a group discussion we had over facebook to discuss dates and props form filming