Wednesday, 6 April 2011


Today while toby and jennie and sasha filmed the last few peices i started to sift through the footage from the forest in search of pieces we could use to fill in instrumental gaps. Whilst doing so i came accross footage that hadn't been fully converted and once it had been i found the perfect shot that we'd been missing. I plan to bring attention to the shot in the evaluation, it combines mise-en-scene with the perfect setting to bring attention to the obvious initial message in the song.


Just to let you all know I stayed after school today to edit the footage. Jennie stayed with me but had to go home after a while. We have only got a few gaps to fill in the video and then add some transitions and effects. I thought that if we do this first thing tomorrow, we can then do our evaluation ?

Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Group Discussion (To do list)

After editing the majority of our music video, we have had a discussion about the shots we are missing and we have decided that we need to film the following shots again.

  • In pub
  • Ice cream in face-"what we have we share" aged film grain
  • "Caller ID"- shot of phone
  • Facebook chat/text - "i've gotta tell you something"
  • "dont forget your home" alternative 
  • another "knowing you are close"
  • alternative choruses

Tuesday, 29 March 2011


After showing our video in a showcase to our whole class, we asked our audience to fill in feedback forms.  Here our some of the responses:

After looking at our feedback the consensus was that we need to shoot some more footage to fill the gaps and to make sure that we don't use footage more than once. We also decided that we need to use more of the old style film as people really liked the quaint style and the home made aesthetic. 


Today I stayed after school to do some editing of our footage. I worked on getting the shots at the right time for the ending and I edited all of the footage to create the old film grain effect where needed. I'm going to upload the specific footage to youtube so that my group can look at it and see what it looks like.

Wednesday, 16 March 2011


Today whilst editing i realised that not only are we still missing some shots still but there are certain pieces we need to re-film such as;

  • Facebook chat shot
  • Caller ID shot
And there is some discussion as to whether we should re-film certain scenes that don't quite match up to our expectations. Luckily none of these shots involve returning to the cafe, i don't think we can quite face returning there a fourth time. 

Group Meeting

This is a group discussion we had over facebook to discuss dates and props form filming

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Wednesday 9th March

Today we went to the cafe and shot some more footage. We went to film the POV shots of the couple and the shot of the couple, but whilst there I had the idea to film the leaning in for a kiss, where we see the kiss from both points of view and then finally a mid shot. We also filmed the footage of our artist playing the guitar which is a signifier for her musical ability.

Overall it was quite successful day shooting, we were well as a group and utilised the time we had to full effect. As soon as we have the footage we have been uploading it to the editing software. Ashlie has been the technical force behind editing, as she has a good grasp of the technology, and Jennie and I have been  doing more in charge of the creative process, but we have all sat together and made decisions on timings, and where footage should be used. Sasha, Jennie and myself probably need to to some more editing, in terms of cutting clips etc and placing effects.

We plan to have completed all filming within the next week, so that we can finish editing our footage.

Wednesday, 16 February 2011


Rather than wait until we have every single bit of footage we decide it would be more efficient to begin making the final peice with what we already had. Afer 3 hours of converting over 70 peices of existing footage we began editing. We've also decided it is much more beneficial to edit in pairs, today me and jennie were editing, tomorrow it will be sasha and jennie. Currently, we are 43 seconds into the song, however as much of the lesson today was spent finishing converting and arranging files, we're hoping to be closer to 2 minutes into the song by the end of tomorrow.

HI, yeah when Ashlie left I edited more of the video, I finished off most of the verse and started doing the chorus, but we are missing a lot of film.

Filming left to do

We were looking through all of our shots that we filmed, and noticed that we are missing some footage that we still need to do.

We will shoot these scenes on wednesday the 9th of march

  • Shot of couple at table in cafe
  • Point of view shot of couple 
  • guitar shot
  • artist looking disgruntled

Thursday, 3 February 2011

19th February

The shots we done were successful and will look really good once we have edited it all together, especially the point of view shots of us spinning
. Also the shots at Tobys house will be good as we filmed us on Facebook Chat and point of view shots looking at the phone. T
he video is going to be good, but we still have a lot to do, but it wont take too long. 

26th January & 3rd February - Cafe Shoot

Here Me, Toby and Sasha filmed the cafe shoot where Ellie is really upset because of the breakup with her relationship. We filmed this without the tripod as it was broke, once we played this back, we saw that the footage was really shaky and that we needed to reshoot this scene. 
On the 3rd Feb we re-filmed this scene and filmed a new part with a tracking shot using the car with Sasha holding the camera on the tripod, filming me running down the street which looks really good and effective. 
We only have a small section to do and then we are done!!

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Group Roles

Jennie- Playing the artist, makeup/costume, Editor
Toby - Playing artists boyfriend,Props, Director, Editor
Ashlie- Playing extra, Director, Editor 
Sasha- Extra, Director, Editor, camera man  

We are all going to take it in turn to film the footage and take pictures so that we can all contribute.

Monday, 17 January 2011

Shooting Plan- Wednesday 19th January

We are going to be filming all of the footage where the location is not important (as they are close ups),  all the footage of interaction between the artist and her boyfriend( break up) and the forest scene where the chorus is set.
Here is our shooting plan:


  1. Spinning In circles w/ and w/o boyfriend
  2. Hiding behind trees
  3. Dancing
  4. Performance to camera
  5. Sitting mournfully on log (with cigarette and wine bottle) 
  6. Running through forest

  1. Lip Shot (1,2,3...)
  2. Guitar strumming close up (to show artists musicality)
  3. Facebook Chat ( demographic related)
  4. Caller ID 
  5. Burning photograph shot. ( to show moving on )
  6. Holding Hands 
  7. Bum Pinch
  1. Argument (mouthed words) 
  2. Handing box back 
  3. Box on the floor (thrown)
  4. Artist running (tracking in car/ static camera run past)
  5. BF & GF holding hands walking (back and front) 
  6. Ice cream in face

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Thursday, 6 January 2011

Our Final Storyboard

Here is our final storyboard that we will use whilst filming our video:

Lip Syncing Video

Here is our video in which we practiced lip sync and experimented with the editing software.

Sunday, 2 January 2011

Story Boarding

Here are me and Jennie at work storyboarding sasha took the picture and he also help in storyboarding :

We are listening to the track on my laptop create the story board so that it is precise and so that we know exactly what to shoot and when. It may happen that some of the shots once filmed aren't to our liking and don't work with the video so we may have to improvise or have another meeting to discuss alternative shots.


After deciding on our concept and the style of video we want to make, we decided to story board our ideas. We are doing this by drawing the shot and writing the length on post-it notes and arranging them on A3 sheets. Whilst doing this we listened to the song and paused it at different points to allow us to draw our ideas frame by frame.

Lip Syncing Exercise

24th November Wednesday
We had a double lesson this lesson so we thought it would be a good idea to do our lip syncing activity.   We chose Bad Romance by Lady Gaga, to make our video to as we all knew it and we thought it would be fun to experiment with.

At first we had to get used to being on camera, we were all quite camera shy... but once this passed Sasha filmed the majority and we got on with miming to the song using different angels and shots such as, High angel, close up and mid shots. Working through our shyness has enabled us to feel more comfortable within our group and i think it will make it easier when it comes to make our final video.

Once we finished miming, we uploaded the video onto Final Cut on the apple mac, we found this program hard and confused at first as we didnt know what we were doing. Eventually we got the hang of it and Toby cut some of the video and slotted them together to make a smooth video. Jennie and Ashlie then added effects to make it more interesting to watch, also made the video look professional.

Overall this activity enabled us to bond as a group and it provided us the opportunity to gain vital knowledge and understanding of Final Cut.

Story Boarding

Monday 29th November
This lesson we finished story boarding our music video using pictures we drew on post-it notes to show what we want on the particular shot with how many seconds it lasts for. We came up with a narrative for the video which is about a teenage girl whose boyfriend leaves her and that she goes through different emotions but feels safe at home. This whole situation will relate to our target audience, teenagers as at this age, that sort of stuff happens, breakups, love, emotional changes, which will make the video and song more personal.
This story boarding gives us more of an image with what the video will be like which at the moment, seems really good and we think it will be hard as we have lots of shots, but successful.

Setting Research

Me (Jennie) Toby and sasha decided to do some research into the possible location for our music video. 
We felt that this setting could provide a good backdrop for a narrative, we feel this setting would suit Ellie's music and song as it is all about home and this location is near our home and somewhere Ellie visits.